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You have waited 57 long years for your cherished Premiership. Adding to your celebrations, the AFL Fans Association is pleased to have a framed limited edition Mark Knight 2021 Demons premiership poster to give to a lucky Melbourne fan. This poster is numbered 1407 of 1500 that was printed and […]

Exciting News for Melbourne Fans!!!

The AFL has rewarded loyal fans by returning the Grand Final to their preferred afternoon timeslot. Polls consistently show that most fans want a day game. The latest AFLFA Twitter poll drew 1054 responses with 79.9 per cent preferring afternoon, 17.3 per cent twilight and 2.8 per cent night. AFL […]

AFL recognises fan loyalty with a day Grand Final

Footy fans have appealed to the AFL Commission to return the Grand Final to its popular daytime slot after AFL CEO Gillon McLachlan said on Friday that no decision had been made. This followed a report by Channel 7’s Tom Browne last Wednesday that the AFL Commission was likely to […]

Fans ask the AFL to reward their loyalty with a ...

The AFL should reward loyal fans by returning the Grand Final to their preferred afternoon timeslot, the AFL Fans Association says. Polls have long shown that most fans prefer a day game. The latest AFLFA Twitter poll drew 1054 responses with 79.9% per cent preferring afternoon, 17.3 per cent twilight […]

Fan loyalty should be rewarded with a day Grand Final

The AFL Fans Association has received quite a few enquiries about ticketing issues again this year, mostly in relation to digital tickets and memberships. We understand that ticketing is still by necessity a bit more complicated than it was pre-Covid, but there are some concerns from those who don’t have […]

AFL responds to ticketing queries

AFL FANS ASSOCIATION (AFLFA): “GIVING FOOTY FANS A VOICE” AFL fans have thanked AFL CEO Gillon McLachlan for his significant contribution to football following his announcement that he will stand down at the end of the 2022 season. AFL Fans Association president Cheryl Critchley says the job of AFL CEO […]

Fans thank Gillon McLachlan for his service as AFL CEO

AFL FANS ASSOCIATION (AFLFA): “GIVING FOOTY FANS A VOICE” Footballer and diversity campaigner Jason Ball has accepted the role of AFL Fans Association patron. He joins former Western Bulldogs vice president and AFLW champion Susan Alberti AC. A long-term Collingwood member, Jason is a passionate LGBTIQ+ and mental health advocate. […]

Diversity leader Jason Ball becomes AFLFA patron

AFL FANS ASSOCIATION (AFLFA): “GIVING FOOTY FANS A VOICE” Leading umpire ‘Razor’ Ray Chamberlain has told a new fan magazine it’s time for AFL players to lead an industry-wide push to improve fan and general support for umpires. Written by fans for fans, 4Quarters kicks off featuring exclusives with Chamberlain […]

‘Razor’ Ray opens up in exclusive with new AFLFA fan ...

The winner of the Framed Limited Edition 2021 Mark Knight Melbourne Premiership Poster, has been announced. It was incredibly difficult for the committee to decide on the winner. Every submission received was a worthy winner however we could only select one winner and it is Mal from Mills Park. Sharryne […]

And the winner is…

AFL FANS ASSOCIATION (AFLFA): “GIVING FOOTY FANS A VOICE” Footy fans are looking forward to a more ‘normal’ 2022 men’s season and the AFL Fans Association is urging as many as possible to attend games and support their teams when Round 1 starts this week. The AFL has organised a […]

Fans look forward to more ‘normal’ 2022 AFL season

We were pleased to accept an invitation from Richmond CEO Brendon Gale to present the findings of our first major fan survey to the club’s executive today. AFLFA President Cheryl Critchley outlined the results and provided some insight into what grassroots fans are thinking as we start to emerge from […]

Richmond FC meets with AFLFA President!

Late in 2021, the AFL Fans Association approached all AFL clubs to ask how they had handled their membership situation throughout the pandemic. Below are their responses, which outline how they have dealt with fans experiencing hardship, and any incentives/compensation available for those who were not able to make full […]

AFL clubs outline their pandemic responses

Committee Diversity Statement, February 2022 The AFL Fans Association seeks to represent all footy fans. This includes their right to express diverse and sometimes opposing views on various issues. In most cases, we do not believe it is our role to tell people what to think or do. The AFLFA […]

AFL Fans Association Committee Supports Diversity