The AFL Fans Association has been established to give AFL fans a vehicle to express their views about all things AFL. We all recognise that Australian football today is big business as well as a sport.

However, it’s the fans who keep this business afloat. There are many interest groups involved in the AFL, but until recently fans had little say despite paying top dollar for membership and merchandise.

The players have the AFL Players Association, the coaches have the AFL Coaches Association and the umpires have the AFL Umpires Association.

Before the AFL Fans Association was formed in December, 2013, the fans had very little representation. We aim to change that and to give fans a real voice in the future of the AFL.

Membership is free and is open to anyone who is a fan of the AFL. We invite you to join – just fill in the on-line form with your details. The more members we have, the more clout we will have in lobbying for positive change.

To make an enquiry, email the Association Committee members. Please help spread the word about the AFLFA to your friends and family – the AFLFA is only as strong as it members.


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