AFL Fans Association President Gerry Eeman was interviewed on SEN SA about the prospect of a change to the start time of the AFL Grand Final. Gerry was clear in his statements: the AFL Fans Association follows the mandate of the fans which has been garnered through numerous polling. An […]

Gerry Eeman on Kymbo and the Rooch

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The CEO of the stadium in Docklands has said he will be reviewing security practices at said-stadium. There was indeed quite a reaction on twitter to the sight of ‘behavioural awareness officers’. Fans were thrilled at being eyeballed and intimidated by security staff as they strode up and down the isles […]

Winter of Discontent

Balance needed in match day security AFL FANS ASSOCIATION (AFLFA): “GIVING FOOTY FANS A VOICE” The AFL Fans Association condemns the behaviour of fans who started a brawl at Marvel Stadium last night and says there is no place for violence or threatening abuse in the game. But AFL Fans […]

Balance Needed in Match Day Security

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Most of the time, we go to the footy and there is very little trouble. Most of the time, fans engage in playful banter with each other and even when there are strong disagreements, most of the time, there is no violence. Most fans are able to self-regulate, knowing when […]

Enjoying the Game

RESPONSE FROM AFL TO THE AFLFA. Below is the AFL’s response to the AFL Fans Association’s request for clarification on behalf of fans concerned about the recent debate over what is acceptable behaviour at the footy. “The AFL and our venues want to create a safe and fun environment for […]

AFL Responds to AFLFA

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The Australian Football League is often criticised for investing in other matters apart from grassroots football. The AFL for example, throws money at GWS, Gold Coast and the Shanghai game all in the name of ‘expansion’. GWS and Gold Coast have very few fans and are far from the homelands of […]

In Praise of Grass Roots

AFL FANS ASSOCIATION (AFLFA): “GIVING FOOTY FANS A VOICE” Clubs helping fans in tough times and the MCG buggy service are big hits in the AFL Fans Association mid-season ‘hits and misses’. But the AFLFA has taken aim at violent fans, abusive trolls, inconsistent umpiring, confusion over fan evictions, lack […]

Hits and Misses in 2019

The AFLFA welcomes articles and reflective pieces from fans regarding their experiences of going to the footy. We want to know what your thoughts are about the state of the game. Are fans’ interests and voices being heard? We particularly welcome articles from fans outside of Victoria. Possible themes for […]

Contribute to the AFLFA

Quin and Lilli
The footy landscape has changed significantly over the last 30 years. Many fans have witnessed the demise of the parochial passions of the VFL and the birth of the Australian Football League and the reframing of ‘sport’ as another kind of ‘entertainment’. Fans too have a changing relationship to the […]

Member Profile – Cathy Rubin

SEN Interview with AFL FA President Gerry Eeman. Mark Finey talks with Gerry about various matters relating to the fans’ stake in the game.

Interview with Gerry Eeman on SEN

Goal Posts
Debby Palti, committee member of the AFL FA, has started the AFL FA podcast: Between the Posts. The podcast is available through Soundcloud here. Palti reflects on the offensive and unfortunate instances of social media trolling before interviewing two of womens’ Australian Rules pioneers: highly respected businesswoman and patron of […]

Between the Posts Podcast