AFL Fans Association President Gerry Eeman was interviewed on SEN SA about the prospect of a change to the start time of the AFL Grand Final. Gerry was clear in his statements: the AFL Fans Association follows the mandate of the fans which has been garnered through numerous polling. An […]

Gerry Eeman on Kymbo and the Rooch

Even in late November, there is barely a week when some footy issue doesn't enliven the social media world and keep footy journalists churning out the copy. Footy is always in the news. The AFL loves the passion of the fans and the conviction of fans' opinions. The AFLFA is […]

Interview with Gerry Eeman: Gambling, GF Tickets, Shorter Half-Time

Dedicated fans recognised for their passion and support  AFL FANS ASSOCIATION (AFLFA): GIVING FOOTY FANS A VOICE Rainbow Crows volunteer Megan Harris is the 2019 AFL Fans Association Fan of the Year after being nominated for her dedication, selflessness and support of the Crows’ men’s and women’s teams. A Collingwood Facebook group […]

2019 Fans of the Year

Another Tigers Grand Final highlights lack of club member ticketsAFL FANS ASSOCIATION (AFLFA): “GIVING FOOTY FANS A VOICE” Richmond’s second grand final in three years – this time against Greater Western Sydney – will see thousands of dedicated club members miss out on a ticket. AFL Fans Association president Gerry […]

Press Release – Grand Final Tickets

It is the site of one of footy's most iconic images: Nicky Winmar gesturing defiantly to the mob of fans in the Vic Park outer. This ground was the most renown of the VFL venues for the vehemence and heavy barracking that would come from the outer. Those times though […]

20 Years After Vic Park

Some footy administrators and some fans think there is too much tackling in the game. Some fans prefer fast, free flowing footy and some prefer high pressure contests where players can barely take a few steps before being tackled. In general, every game exists on a spectrum of both high […]

Poll: Is there too much tackling?

Food at the footy is famously over-priced and of limited choice. Just as some of us behave in ways we wouldn't normally behave, we also eat food that we may not otherwise eat. The meat pie is arguably the iconic in-stadium food. The meat is of disputed origins yet its […]

Footy Food Prices

Gambling advertisements saturate the Australian Football League. The AFLFA recently held a focus group session and fortunately we found some people who agree with what we think. Below are some quotes from the participants in the focus group. Warning: the quotes in this story may be fictitious. *** "The AFL has […]

What’s a Multi, Dad?

Yoshihiro Imagawa, a St Kilda supporter based in Kyoto, travelled to Shanghai for the AFL match. Below, he shares his experiences at the game and the Shanghai Cup that he was involved in as a player.   ***   The Shanghai clash has been said that it was a sold […]

Playing Footy in Shanghai

Debby Palti, long-term Carlton fan and AFLFA committee member, recounts her trip to Adelaide to watch Carlton's two teams play. Both come up short on the day. But no matter. *** When the catalyst moment that I realised that Carlton’s AFLW side had made it into the Grand Final earlier this […]

The Blues, Away

There has been much of a brouhaha regarding fan behaviour lately. The unfortunate role of "behaviour awareness officer" has come and gone. For many fans, being in the outer is a welcomed opportunity to jump and shout and barrack for your team like there is no time. Us fans play the […]

Barracking at the Footy

Press Release AFL FANS ASSOCIATION (AFLFA): “GIVING FOOTY FANS A VOICE” The AFL Fans Association has welcomed AFL CEO Gillon McLachlan’s acknowledgement that some fans are feeling intimidated by security at AFL games. Mr McLachlan acknowledged that what has been described as a security ‘over-correction’ followingseveral violent incidents had upset […]

McLachlan’s Acknowledgement

The CEO of the stadium in Docklands has said he will be reviewing security practices at said-stadium. There was indeed quite a reaction on twitter to the sight of 'behavioural awareness officers'. Fans were thrilled at being eyeballed and intimidated by security staff as they strode up and down the isles […]

Winter of Discontent