Variable pricing has hit footy food with some AFL venues charging much more than others for pies, hotdogs and hot chips. While the MCG and Etihad Stadium have trimmed some food prices this year, most stadiums have not. "We now have variable pricing for food, depending on which state or territory you live in," says AFLFA president Gerry Eeman.

Fans in most states are forking out big bucks for most items. An Advertiser survey of 13 AFL venues found the Adelaide Oval most expensive. Hot chips, a meat pie, hot dog, chicken burger, a soft drink and water cost $37.30 at the Adelaide Oval. The next dearest was Domain Stadium at $34.90 and the SCG at $34. (Source: The Advertiser, Adelaide) The same items now cost $26.50 at the MCG.

At Perth’s Domain Stadium, a hamburger costs $8.50, a hot dog $6, hot chips $5.60, a bottle of Mt Franklin water $4.70 and a 600mL soft drink $5.50. (source: Other prices include $6 for hot chips at ANZ Stadium in Sydney and $12.50 at Domain Stadium for waffle chips with a dollop of pulled pork and condiments on top.

"While we applaud the MCG, and to lesser degree Etihad for making an effort, other venues are still taking advantage of a captive audience," Gerry says. "If the MCG and Etihad can manage it, why can’t venues in all states and territories?"

At the MCG, pies are now $4 (down from $4.80), hotdogs $4 ($6.50), hot chips $4 ($5.60), bottled water $3 ($5), soft drinks $4 ($5), sushi $5 ($6.80), chicken schnitzel buns $7.50 ($10) and chicken caesar salads $8 ($11.50).

Etihad Stadium has reduced its hot chips to $4 and introduced an $8 kids’ meal deal with a cheeseburger, hot chips, water and a drink. Free popcorn is given out on Sundays, when pies are $3. Families can also BYO commercially prepared food to all games. The AFLFA welcomes those moves. "But some fans feel Etihad’s Sunday pie discount is a bit hard to stomach and want it applied at all games," Gerry says.

MCG Caterers have cut the prices of a number of items this year, as per the image below.

2015 MCG food prices Carlton v Richmond

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