Grand Final “Golden Score” misses the point

Most fans have given the AFL’s new “golden score” to decide a Grand Final a big thumbs down.

The AFL yesterday scrapped Grand Final draws and says if scores are level after the final siren, two five-minute “halves” with time-on will be played.

“If the scores are still tied at the end of the second period, the siren will not ring until the next score, which will decide the flag,” reported.

“The League hasn't decided if players or the crowd will be made aware they have moved into the 'golden score' period, with the possibility of a message being displayed on the MCG's big screen.”

AFL Fans Association president Gerry Eeman says that while fans are divided about whether or not we should have a Grand Final replay, most agree a “golden point” should not decide a premiership.

“We have seen an enormous amount of feedback on social media and talkback radio since the AFL’s announcement. Regardless of their views on whether the AFL should have kept Grand Final replays, most fans don’t understand the logic of potentially deciding the winner with a point after a period of such excitement.” Gerry says.

“In this context, how can the premiership potentially be decided by a failed attempt to score a goal, or, worse still, an accidental rushed behind? It simply doesn’t make sense. If it is to be sudden-death, the Grand Final should be decided by further extra time or a ‘golden goal’, never a ‘golden point’.”

The AFL Fans Association notes that it was not consulted about the new sudden-death system for Grand Final draws.

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