Fans thank the AFL, clubs and players for a season like no other


Fans have thanked the AFL for completing a season during one of the most difficult years in living memory, as Richmond and Geelong qualified for the 2020 Grand Final.

AFL Fans Association president Gerry Eeman says having a football season during the COVID-19 pandemic was a huge achievement and gave millions of Australians something to look forward to.

He said state governments, particularly in Queensland, also deserved praise for facilitating games.

“Fans are very appreciative of the efforts of the AFL, clubs, players and officials. In particular, we recognise the sacrifice of the players who have lived in hubs away from their families,” Gerry says.

“Footy has given many fans a very welcome distraction during the pandemic. It has provided a sense of normality and a temporary escape from a very challenging year, especially for fans in Victoria who have endured a second lockdown

“Numerous fans also however made substantial sacrifices. En masse, many club members have donated membership fees despite attending few or no games this season.

“We’d like to see the loyalty of club members recognised by increasing the competing club member Grand Final ticket allocation from 34,000 to a figure closer to 50,000 when the game returns to the MCG.” 

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