Fans seek fair distribution of AFL tickets in 2021


Footy fans want tickets distributed fairly if 2021 AFL crowd numbers are impacted by COVID-19.

AFL Fans Association president Cheryl Critchley says while fans acknowledge it will be difficult for clubs if membership numbers outstrip capacity, distribution must be fair and transparent.

“Fans understand that ticketing and membership inclusions might be compromised in 2021 due to COVID-19,” Cheryl says. “We must listen to the experts and public health comes first.

“However, the AFL and clubs need to be fully transparent with members about ticketing. If there is a member ballot, members need to know exactly how the system will work, which membership types are included, and if any membership types are excluded from the ballot and guaranteed a ticket.

“We also need to know whether a member who is successful in a ballot for a game is excluded from the ballot for the next one.”

Cheryl says views on who should get ticket priority vary among fans, but most agree longevity should be recognised. She says some fans believe members who pay the most should have top priority, but others don’t think they should be ahead of long-term members who can’t afford huge fees.

“Overall ticket allocation needs to be as fair as possible,” Cheryl says. “For example, this may involve prioritising long-term members and those who have already purchased reserved seats. Whatever a club decides, this must be communicated clearly and fully to its members as soon as possible.

“While game capacity is reduced, the MCC and AFL members should also suspend guest passes so that their members have a better chance of securing a ticket. Club, AFL and MCC members showed incredible loyalty in 2020, with many paying their fees despite seeing no live games. Where possible, this needs to be rewarded in 2021.”

What AFL club fans need to know about ticketing if crowd capacity is reduced:

  • How will the home club distribute its tickets? Which (if any) member types will have priority?
  • Will club sponsors and corporate partners receive tickets and, if so, how many?
  • Which membership types guaranteed access, and which must enter a ballot if there is one?
  • Are there any membership types that don’t qualify for a ballot?
  • Are those who have paused their memberships due to COVID-19 included in any ballots?
  • If there is a ballot, are those who succeed included in the next one?
  • Will those with reserved seats have access to them? If not, what happens to those members?
  • Will alternatives be offered to members who miss out on tickets e.g. free screenings?
  • Who gets tickets allocated to away teams? Will members get any and if so which member type(s)?
  • Is there any chance of non-members obtaining tickets and if so, how?

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