Cheaper food prices a big win for fans

Cheaper food at the MCG is a big win for fans who took on the AFL last year about ticket and food prices, AFL Fans Association president Gerry Eeman said today.

The MCG has announced significant reductions to food prices for the 2015 AFL season, which the AFLFA has welcomed.

Among other things, the price of a meat pie is down 80 cents from $4.80 to $4, a hot dog down by $2.50 from $6.50 to $4 and hot chips down by $1.60 from $5.60 to $4. Water has fallen from $5 to $3 and soft drinks from $5 to $4. A kids’ meal deal is also set to be introduced.

2015 MCG food prices Carlton v Richmond

"This is great news for all footy fans and families in particular," Gerry says. "Food at the footy has been ridiculously overpriced. Last year a family at the MCG would have paid $46 to buy four hot dogs and four soft drinks."

The reduction shows what can be achieved when fans speak out and authorities listen.

"Prior to Gillon McLachlan taking over as CEO, the AFL told us it had no say when it came to food prices," Gerry says. "Today’s announcement shows what can be achieved when all stakeholders work together. The MCC and Gill should be congratulated for taking this initiative."

Etihad Stadium officials also have indicated an announcement is imminent about cheaper food. They have already said that fans can bring in commercially prepared food, a practice the stadium used to ban.

"All these moves are positive and will help make footy more affordable for fans who attend regularly," Gerry says. "It’s a win-win situation which will hopefully bring back some disillusioned fans."

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