Balance Needed in Match Day Security

Balance needed in match day security

The AFL Fans Association condemns the behaviour of fans who started a brawl at Marvel Stadium last night and says there is no place for violence or threatening abuse in the game.

But AFL Fans Association president Gerry Eeman says a balance needs to be struck between cracking down on the small minority of fans who cause issues and the vast majority who behave.

Controversy has arisen over security tactics at the MCG and Marvel Stadium recently, with some fans saying that they have been spoken to by security or police for being too loud or passionate.

Gerry says while there are two sides to every story, several fans have approached the AFLFA to say they had been disciplined for behaviour that did not draw attention in the past.

“Violence, umpire abuse and threatening behaviour are never OK,” Gerry says. “But some fans are telling us that they feel they can’t express themselves at games in the same way they did in the past.

“A balance needs to be struck between protecting patrons from the small minority who causeproblems and allowing the vast majority of well-behaved fans to express their passion.

“There is nothing wrong with barracking loudly for your team and there is nothing wrong with being passionate.”

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