What’s a Multi, Dad?

Gambling advertisements saturate the Australian Football League. The AFLFA recently held a focus group session and fortunately we found some people who agree with what we think. Below are some quotes from the participants in the focus group.

Warning: the quotes in this story may be fictitious.


Screen Shot 2019-04-13 at 11.34.44 pm

Screenshot from the AFL's website

"The AFL has done a really good thing by aligning itself with so many different gambling companies. The diversity is great. There's so much choice! I mean, there's Bet Easy, Bet 365 and blah blah blah and blah blah blah. I mean, we're so lucky. Back in the olden days, you only really had the TAB and that was down in the bowels of the MCG or wherever. Now we can just sit back, relax, watch a game and throw our money away. Great job AFL!" Gillian from St Kilda

"There are so many trivial stories on the AFL's website, I don’t even read them. I just use it for the gambling ads." Stephen from Docklands

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Get excited about gambling. Screen shot from the AFL's website.

"Gambling is a much better way to spend one's time than going for a walk in the mountains or along the coast. I mean that costs next to nothing. A walk in the forest is nothing but birds, trees, fresh air, calmness, serenity. Nature. Shared time with one's friends or partners. I mean, where's the fun in that?" Eddie from Broadmeadows

I love backing a winner at the game. It’s such an unexpected surprise. I normally just lose, lose, lose. Like Richmond between 1982-2010,” Andrew from Alphington

"I once heard a story about someone who watched a game of footy and didn't put a bet on it. I bet the story was invented." Macca from East Brighton

"When I get to a game I sometimes don't know whether I'm supporting my team or the outcome of my bet. It's all too confusing sometimes." Jonno from Caulfield

"I don't know why people complain about gambling advertising at the footy. I mean there are still heaps of places where there are no gambling advertisements. There's none on the footy, there's none on the back of the umpires shirts, there's none on the actual field. I mean some people just love to complain." Mike from Ringwood

"I love getting home from the footy and telling my wife how much money I lost on the game. But then again, I don't need to go to the footy to do that. It's nice just having a little bet and losing a gazillion while she puts the children to bed.  Speaking of kids, I love it when my kids chat to me about all the odds! I mean, they’re so young, but they’re such experts already!" Barry from Burnley

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A different shade to Freo's purple. Screenshot from the AFL's website.

"I just can't believe that some footy players have gambling problems. I just don't see the connection between footy and gambling." Garry from Glen Iris

"I always practice mindful betting. I do some yoga, get into the zone, and then, just tune out. I love it. Money is no object." Geoffrey from Hawthorn


*by Andy Fuller

The AFLFA receives much direct feedback from its members and through its Facebook page where people (fans) complain about there being too much gambling advertising in the AFL. But, lest we be accused of being too negative, we thought we'd put a positive spin on the matter. 🙂

Although gambling ads saturate the AFL, they don't saturate all levels of Australian Rules Football. One only has to watch the VFL to enjoy footy sans gambling advertisements. #simplepleasures