Around the Grounds: Swans find their mojo

Around the grounds - AFL news of the week

AFL News for the week ending June 25, 2023: The top 100 salaried AFL players, Swans find their mojo and the byes (thankfully) roll to a close

The top AFL earners

We learned this week who rakes in the big bucks across the league as a list of the top 100 salaried AFL players came out.

No surprises that even in the twilight years of his career, Tigers superstar Dustin Martin still sits on top. Contracted until the end of 2024, Dusty is followed at No 2 by Nat Fyfe, with the Top 10 rounded out by Jeremy McGovern, Tim Kelly, Marcus Bontempelli, Clayton Oliver, Christian Petracca, Jeremy Cameron, Tom Lynch and Darcy Moore.

Any fan looking at that list would find it hard to argue that their side is not better for the hefty fee being paid to retain such superstars of the competition, and certainly compared to other major sporting codes, these salaries are minor in comparison.

Here is the full list from the Herald Sun if you're interested.

Swans put Eagles to the sword

It's been a tough year for both the Swans and Eagles - the Swans because they haven't really shown a lot to put them into contention this year, the Eagles because, well, it's hard to understand what is going on out West.

Apparently it's not the coaching but after a near 200-point loss, questions must be starting to be asked of Adam Simpson.

Flipping the narrative, the Swans were a demolition unit - and a Buddy-less one at that. While a solid win on their home deck was probably always on the cards for the Swans, few would have expected an over-thirty goal tally.

Is this the game that will see the Swans find and keep a firm grip on their mojo for a run to September?

And what does it bode for the future of Adam Simpson and the Eagles? Can he hold onto his job or will a move be made before season's end?

Bye bye ... byes!

A bit has been spoken about re this year's four-week bye period, with for the most a negative sentiment directed towards it by commentators and fans alike.

A review will occur at the end of the year, with all kinds of speculation about how the AFL will approach it from 2024 onwards - and then beyond that, with the new Tasmanian entering the competition in 2027 or 2028, leading to an odd number of teams, how that might also change the bye set-up.

There is talk of a proper mid-season draft being brought in, and some pundits have called for a one-week bye where there are no matches at all, although murmurs from head office seem to indicate this is an unlikely outcome, with some form of staggered byes to remain.

What's your preferred option?