Response to Coronavirus

AFLFA supports health authorities’ actions on coronavirus


The AFL Fans Association supports actions by health authorities in preventing the spread of novel coronavirus (COVID-19). 

AFL CEO Gillon McLachlan said yesterday that the AFL would play games without crowds if government authorities banned mass gatherings to prevent COVID-19 spreading.

AFL Fans Association president Gerry Eeman says while it would be extremely difficult for passionate fans if AFL games were played in empty stadiums, public health must be the priority.

“For many fans, going to the footy is part of the fabric of their lives, so a ban will hit hard. For more socially isolated fans, attending the footy also provides an important connection with the community.” Gerry says. 

“But we accept that this decision would not be taken lightly and would in the best interests of public health.”

Gerry says if fans are banned from games, they’d need to know whether members would receive a refund on their contribution for that game, and whether those who pre-booked tickets would receive a refund. Some have also booked airfares.

“Club members have already paid to attend some of their team’s games,” Gerry says. “Many fans have also pre-booked, especially for bigger matches like Anzac Day and Dreamtime at the G.”

If fans are locked out of AFL grounds, Gerry says health authorities will also need to advise the public about whether it would be safe to watch games on TV in groups.

“Some fans don’t have Foxtel, which shows some AFL games exclusively, so might need to visit a friend’s house or a pub to watch their team play,” Gerry says. 

“If the spread of COVID-19 continues to escalate, guidelines by health authorities on such social gathering will also be necessary.” 

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