Press Release – Season Re-start

Fans acknowledge AFL challenges in re-starting the 2020 season


Most AFL fans are welcoming the decision to move ahead with the 2020 season after a very difficult couple of months for the AFL and its clubs.

The AFL Fans Association acknowledges the problematic situation the AFL finds itself in and understands that it needs to think outside the square to ensure football can be played in 2020.

The AFLFA also supports the need to follow the medical advice of state and federal health authorities.

“We all want clubs and the AFL to survive and thrive. Whilst we would love fans to be able to attend games, we understand that will not be possible until health authorities decide this is safe,” AFLFA president Gerry Eeman says.

“Our polling indicates that 75 per cent of fans now want to see the footy return in any form which is a change from two months ago when fans were divided down the middle on whether the season should be going ahead. 

“The majority of fans now appear to be looking forward to a distraction from what has been a very trying period.”

Gerry says club members have shown great loyalty in this time of crisis.

“Many club members have effectively treated this year’s membership fees as a donation to their club, which shows the passion many have for their clubs regardless of whether they can attend games,” he says. 

“Those members who are in a less financially secure position should however be provided with a refund should they seek it.

“From what we have heard anecdotally, clubs have accommodated those who require a refund or partial refund, which is the right thing to do. The AFL, clubs and fans must all work together to ensure footy survives.” 

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