Press Release – Grand Final Tickets

Another Tigers Grand Final highlights lack of club member ticketsAFL


Richmond’s second grand final in three years – this time against Greater Western Sydney – will see thousands of dedicated club members miss out on a ticket.

AFL Fans Association president Gerry Eeman says it’s time the AFL increased the ticket allocation to competing club members.

“Thousands of tickets each year get allocated to non-competing clubs which in turn funnel many of these tickets into expensive packages,” he says. “Simply put, the allocation to non-competing must be scrapped. It’s an insult to members of the competing clubs who miss out each year. 

“Furthermore, the AFL also partakes in this practice by itself selling expensive packages to the Grand Final well before the finals series even commences. What does this say about its priorities?”

Gerry also called for any unused tickets from the GWS member allocation to go to Richmond members.

“If GWS does not fill its allocation, any unused tickets must go to Richmond members.Richmond alone has enough members to fill the MCG,” he says.

The Tigers and Giants have a combined 133,467 members who will share just 34,000 tickets – a one in four chance of securing one. Each competing club has access to 17,000 tickets for its members.

Richmond has 103,358 and GWS 30,109. The MCG’s capacity is 100,024.  

Not all members register for the Grand Final ballot, and in the case of Richmond only those who have been members for 10 or more years could register. Regardless, many thousands will miss out.

Gerry says it is in the AFL’s interests to make the Grand Final the best spectacle it can be.

“The preliminary finals have a much better atmosphere and make more noise than the Grand Final,” Gerry says. “Allocating more Grand Final tickets to competing club members would improve the atmosphere and reward those who deserve to be there. It must be done for the 2020 Grand Final.” 

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