Gerry Eeman on Kymbo and the Rooch

AFL Fans Association President Gerry Eeman was interviewed on SEN SA about the prospect of a change to the start time of the AFL Grand Final.

Gerry was clear in his statements: the AFL Fans Association follows the mandate of the fans which has been garnered through numerous polling. An overwhelming majority of fans want the time to stay at 2:30pm - i.e. 'the traditional time-slot'. He stated this position is not based on 'ideology', but rather a desire to articulate the interests and wishes of serious fans in a clear way: in this case, it is to prioritise the start time of the Grand Final staying as is.

Most fans are happy with when the game is held and Gerry sees no need for the AFL to follow the US-based NFL in their holding of their main game at night. Moreover, Gerry asserts that it is important for the AFL to respect the interests of its main stakeholder (the fans) rather than pandering to the interest of viewers who may only tune into the game once a year.

The interview is available here. (Gerry's interview was on 11th March 2019)