Fans disapprove of the ‘part floating’ fixture for 2023 season


December 12, 2022

Fans deserve certainty with the 2023 fixture for the entire season, rather than a 'part fixed' and 'part floating' fixture.

The AFL Fans Association is concerned about the floating fixture as it makes it hard for fans to plan travel, work and big occasions like weddings and milestone birthdays.

“The floating fixture was needed when COVID-19 could disrupt game times and locations, sometimes at the last minute,” Ron Issko, President of the AFL Fans Association said.

“As this is no longer the case, members and supporters deserve the full fixture.”

The AFL is yet to explain why they need rounds 16 onwards to be floating, however, fans feel it might be to give the broadcasters a way of boosting TV ratings.

"Fans are the biggest stakeholder in the game and the AFL should not take them for granted," Issko said.

"If the AFL wants more fans to attend games, then provide the full fixture so that people can book in advance. There are many members and supporters who travel from regional areas and interstate and if they can book travel and accommodation in advance, it works out much more economical than booking close to game day."

Here is some feedback from fans about the difficulty of the floating fixture:

  • I am a carer for my partner 24/7 and reside in country Victoria. I need as much time as possible to attend sporting events, concerts etc.
  • We live in regional area, to attend games we need to be able to book accommodation and organise time off work. Need plenty of notice to plan
  • Shift workers need to plan the season well in advance. Not everyone has a 9-5 Mon-Fri job
  • Because as I live in Cairns I need to be able to book travel well in advance to get the best deal
  • My team is Sydney and I live in Victoria and I need to plan to attend games in Sydney due to commitments with local footy and can’t do so with a floating fixture

“With membership affordability becoming increasingly difficult for some people with cost-of-living pressures, some fans want to know how many games they are likely to attend before committing to memberships. We call on the AFL to remove the floating fixture and provide the full fixture now so members and supporters can immediately plan their season and book travel and accommodation well in advance" Ron said.

Fans Survey

Below is an AFLFA Twitter poll from late April this year showing that almost 92% of fans dislike the floating fixture.

Last week the AFLFA launched our second fans survey.

We encourage all fans to participate in the survey. Make your voice count and go into the draw to win a $200 voucher!!

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