Congratulations Geelong!

Well, the 2022 season has come and gone and ended with Geelong completely dominating the entire game.

Geelong was the oldest playing group to win the ultimate prize in the AFL - the Grand Final. How they won was dynamic and electric. Blitzing Sydney in every possible way as if they were on a battlefield and came out swinging the prowess of what they had worked and strived for, for many years.

There were so many amazing moments that occurred not only during the game, but before and after. Who could state with any rational and logical reasons why Mr Robbie Williams did not slay the pre-match performance?

His dedication of Angels to Shane Warne was inspirational and then to get the crowd singing along with what is considered an iconic Aussie song - John Farnham's You're the Voice and dedicate it to him in his recovery, was a very emotional and incredible sight to see. We can only imagine how good it was at the MCG.

Image courtesy of AFL

Then as Geelong ran out onto the ground, Joel Selwood cradled Gary Ablett's son, Levi and took him through the banner with his team. But his selflessness did not stop there. At the end of the game he assisted long-time 'partner' of the club Sam, over the fence and then made sure he was involved in the celebrations on and off the field.

Irrespective of where you stand with the time of the Grand Final and what your thoughts were of the game itself, on the day the better team did win, both on and off the field.


Now onto season 2023 and let the trade period begin!

All images courtesy of AFL