Surveys and polls consistently show that 3 in 4 fans prefer a Day Grand Final.


The most recent AFL Fans Association Fans’ Survey showed that 73% of fans want a daytime Grand Final starting at 2.30 pm. Importantly this is not just a Victorian fans preference, it's the preference of fans across Australia.

AFL Fans Association President Ron Issko says, "the fans' preference for a Day Grand Final has consistently been the result of various surveys and polls taken pre and post covid. So, the obvious question is, why does the Grand Final timing come up every year when fans are loud and clear about wanting the traditional 2.30 pm timeslot?"

Gillon McLachlan will be making a recommendation shortly to the AFL Commission for the Commission to decide on the 2023 AFL Grand Final start time.

Ron says that "most fans want a day Grand Final, which has worked well for many years. The build-up and atmosphere at the ground and at private parties around Australia are part of what makes footy unique. The day is divided up between pre-game festivities, entertainment, the match itself and plenty of time to celebrate with friends, family and, more importantly, our youngest fans.”

Ron understands that broadcasters prefer a later start to the Grand Final, however fans are the largest stakeholder in the game and their preference should be heard.

On behalf of fans, Ron asks the AFL Commission, "will you be honouring the fans or the broadcaster's wishes? We have the best game in the world with the most passionate fans, so please maintain the 2.30 pm timeslot for the 2023 AFL Grand Final.”

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