Mid-Season President’s Message to Members

Dear AFL Fans Association Member,

I hope this message finds you well and that you've been enjoying the fantastic footy season we've had so far. As we reach the mid-season mark, I thought it would be a good time to reflect on the highlights and challenges we've experienced to date.

I'm thrilled to announce that our collective voice has been heard and respected. As you are aware the AFL has confirmed a day Grand Final, aligning with the wishes of most fans. Additionally, the green light has been given for a Tasmanian team, a significant step towards expanding the game's reach and inclusivity.

The on-field action has been nothing short of remarkable, with numerous close games and exhilarating come-from-behind victories. The Magpies have soared to the top of the ladder, showcasing an exciting brand of footy that has electrified their fans. Moreover, we've witnessed record-breaking crowd numbers, proving the incredible support we have for our teams and the game itself.

The Gather Round in Adelaide was an overwhelming success, bringing fans from all over Australia together in a celebration of our great game. With Adelaide hosting the Gather Round for the next three years it will no doubt become a highlight round to attend each year.

At the start of the season the AFL announced that food prices have been frozen at some venues, easing the financial burden on fans. Additionally, general admission tickets at the MCG and Marvel Stadium have remained affordable at $27, ensuring access to the game for as many supporters as possible. The cherished tradition of kick-to-kick after the game has returned, allowing fans of all ages to experience the joy of having a kick on the hallowed turf at the stadiums.

As we approach the second half of the season, the battle for the top 8 promises to keep us on the edge hopefully until the final game of the final round of the home and away season. How many wins will it take to make the 8? Will teams need 12 or 13 wins?

The AFL recently announced that Andrew Dillon will become the next CEO of the AFL replacing Gill McLachlan in October this year. There is no doubt that Andrew has the skills and experience to lead the AFL and the AFL Fans Association look forward to working with Andrew and his team to make the fans experience the best it can be.

Amidst the positives, we have also faced challenges this season. The temporary absence of Alastair Clarkson from the game and the Hawthorn Review have tested all concerned. We hope that a fair resolution for all parties will be reached as soon as possible.

In March this year we issued our Fans Survey which was well received. The results clearly outlined fans' main issues and concerns which will require addressing and resolution from the AFL. The key concerns impacting the enjoyment of the game includes:

  • gambling ads
  • umpiring/rule changes
  • floating fixture 
  • affordability 
  • Grand Final access

We have engaged in regular meetings with the AFL, establishing a platform for open dialogue and collaborative problem-solving. These meetings will continue to be a regular occurrence, enabling us to bring your issues and concerns as identified from the survey to the table for discussion and resolution. We strive to enhance the fan experience and shape the future of our great game.

I would like to acknowledge the newspapers, TV, radio and online football media for their instrumental assistance in spreading our message. Their support has given us invaluable airtime, allowing us to reach a wider audience and advocate for the issues that matter most to fans.

In closing, I want to express my sincere gratitude, support and active engagement of the members of the AFL Fans Association. It is your passion, dedication, and collective voice that drive positive change and shape the future of our beloved sport. Together, we will continue to advocate for fan-centred initiatives, championing your concerns, and ensuring that the fan experience remains at the heart of all decision-making processes.

Please stay connected, stay passionate, and continue to share your valuable insights and feedback. Together, we can make this season and the seasons to come even more remarkable for all AFL fans.

Yours sincerely

Ron Issko


AFL Fans Association


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