It’s time to overhaul the ARC Score Review System: AFLFA

It’s time for an urgent overhaul of the AFL’s score review system following an error in the dying minutes of the Adelaide v Sydney game, the AFL Fans Association says.

The call follows a shot for goal by Adelaide’s Ben Keays, which the goal umpire said had hit the post when vision later showed it hadn’t. The decision was not reviewed, and Sydney won by a point.

‘If we have a score review system in place to eliminate errors then we are duty bound to use it for close calls,” AFLFA President Ron Issko says. “There is absolutely no reason why the system was not utilised for the Keays’ kick for goal”.

“The AFL is the premier sporting code in this country and clubs and fans deserve a world standard score review system. Currently, we do not have it.”

Numerous replays of Keays’ shot for goal clearly show that the ball did not hit the post and perhaps the umpire heard a noise that may have come from the Sydney players hitting the post while attempting to touch the ball. This error has the potential to impact the composition of finals.

“On behalf of every footy fan we are calling on the AFL, as a matter of urgency, to overhaul the score review system and to create the best system in the world. If that means spending more time and money then so be it,” Ron said. “Perhaps we can learn from the soccer VAR system and other systems around the world.”

As an interim measure, Ron said from next week onwards and during the finals the AFL should review not only all the goals but any close behinds.

“Heaven forbid the ramifications of a score review system error on a kick for goal in the last 20 seconds of a Grand Final which determines the Premiers,” Ron said.

“The AFL’s number one priority for the 2024 season should be to fix the score review system.”

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