AFL responds to ticketing queries

The AFL Fans Association has received quite a few enquiries about ticketing issues again this year, mostly in relation to digital tickets and memberships.

We understand that ticketing is still by necessity a bit more complicated than it was pre-Covid, but there are some concerns from those who don’t have the relevant technology for digital tickets or are finding them difficult to navigate.

The AFLFA approached the AFL, and it has responded to our questions as per below. We thank the AFL's Membership Department for providing these answers at a very busy time.

AFLFA questions and responses provided by the AFL Membership Department 27 April 2022

Why have AFL and club memberships gone fully digital? Was this an AFL decision? 

Over the Covid pandemic we learned to work in a digital infrastructure, and the reality is sports and events locally and globally are moving in this direction and we’ve been a bit more traditional (until now). The clubs have the choice move to digital, that is a decision for them and their members. AFL Membership has moved to a fully digital ecosystem; it allows us to create greater accuracy with crowd forecasting and an overall improved experience.

AFL members will still have a single barcode number but must select the match they are attending each round via the League’s official app and will receive a digital ticket that can be saved to a phone’s Wallet app. If required, a physical ticket will always be available to the small percentage members who require one.

How is the AFL supporting fans through this? 

The clubs manage their individual communications to their membership bases, and from an AFL perspective we have encouraged them to provide as much info as possible. While there may have been some resistance in the opening rounds, this small amount of negativity has subsided as members have become more comfortable with the new process.

What measures are in place for AFL/club members and public ticket purchasers who don’t have the relevant digital technology? 

If required a physical ticket will always be available to the members who require one (which based on our feedback so far has been a very small percentage). Members can contact their clubs direct, or AFL members to contact the AFL Membership Department.

We have received queries from fans about when the rest of the fixture days/dates will be released, including for the Grand Final, so they can plan attendance. Can you confirm when this might happen? 

The next fixture block (Rounds 12-15) will be released in the coming days. It is important to note, the fixture for the season – round, match up, location have all been set and communicated. The missing piece is the actual day of the match (Friday, Sat, Sunday).

By the end of this week the next eight weeks of the fixture will be fully released, with the final eight rounds to be communicated in a few weeks’ time. We want to provide fans with as much certainty as possible, and again we have released the entire fixture in December last year to help provide that certainty.

The Grand Final has already been set and communicated to be Saturday 24 September at the MCG.