Disappointingly, the AFL are ignoring fans who want to attend matches.


The 2024 AFL fixture has ignored fans' wishes by continuing with the very unpopular part floating fixture, plus it introduces an “opening round” / “round zero” and more Thursday night games.

The President of the AFLFA, Ron Issko, said, “Fans don’t want a part floating fixture; it was introduced for COVID but still remains. We raised it last year and again at a meeting with the AFL at the start of 2023. They have had plenty of opportunity to review it but are siding with the broadcasters by maintaining it.”

The first 15 rounds of the fixture are fixed, with rounds 16 to 24 floating. Fans will not be able to take advantage of any airline or accommodation specials that are offered in advance for the floating rounds. With the cost of living having shifted significantly in the past 12 months, this is not fan friendly at all,” explained Ron.

A fan poll conducted late last week showed that 82% of almost 1,000 fans do not favour an “opening round” before round one. Ron said, “With the traditional round one being so successful for so many years, fans are scratching their heads saying “if it ain’t broke, why fix it”. If you are going to have an opening round, why on earth is it a split round?”

The 2024 season will feature 14 Thursday night games, up by 3 games compared to 2023. Another recent fan poll conducted showed that 70% of fans do not favour attending games on a Thursday night due to it being a work and school day the next day.

“The AFL had a massive opportunity to show that under new leadership, they will be listening to the fans; however, they ignored fans' wishes, which is disappointing,” Ron said.

Ron said, “At my next scheduled meeting with Andrew Dillon in early February, I will ask him the two most common questions that fans are asking us - how are fans being considered in the fixture scheduling, and why does the AFL keep changing things?”

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