Justin Leckie

Justin Leckie

Introduced to Australian Rules Football by his grandfather and father in the 1970s, Justin fell in love with the game and the Port Adelaide Football Club. He became a member of the club with his first pay cheque in 1986, is still a member and attends most home matches and away games.

Justin wants future generations of AFL supporters to enjoy the same benefits, access, and participation he had growing up. He firmly believes that financial pressures and ticketing equality for fans of competing clubs needs to be improved, whilst ensuring that the competition remains financially sustainable to prosper. While the AFL and clubs have been successful and engage their members, there are opportunities for better communication and emerging technology can be used to grow the game at all levels.

Justin wants to work collaboratively and positively with the AFL and its stakeholders and encourages all clubs to prosper, connect with each other in innovative ways and continue to contribute to our communities. He strongly supports the notion that an elected fan representative should at least be on the AFL Competition Committee soon and has a vision to have an elected fan representative on the AFL Commission itself to have fans’ voices heard in the future.

As a member of the AFL Fans Association Governing Committee, Justin is responsible for commercial activities including partnerships, sponsorships, grants, fundraising and social media content in addition to governance, business planning and risk management activities. If you have a concern with any aspect of the game, membership at your club or stadium, Justin would be pleased to help, no matter which state you reside in. He attends Port Adelaide home games at Adelaide Oval and sits near the Magarey Room in the Southern Stand mid-tier and tries to attend pre match functions organised by supporter groups at the London Tavern. Justin is also a regular at the Port Club, Alberton Oval, so feel free to introduce yourself to him and have a chat.

Personally, Justin is married to Fiona, an Adelaide Crows supporter, and lives in Adelaide. He played junior and senior football with the Modbury Football Club, which was established in 1862, and later with his cousins at the Greenacres Football Club. Justin still plays Aussie rules football in the AFL SA Masters over-35 competition with the Peninsula Football Club – the Mighty Masters Magpies – and is nicknamed Lecko (or Gekko) in his role as Treasurer. He prefers to travel the 22 kilometres to play in Ethelton in the traditional Port Adelaide heartland.

Professionally, Justin is a Certified Practising Accountant and has nearly 30 years’ experience in public administration, finance, and auditing. He also volunteers with local sporting organisations and previously with the disability sector as a board member. Justin is honoured to help the AFL Fans Association support, protect, and promote our great game.