Media Release – Grand Final Time

Most fans want the AFL Grand Final played in the afternoon


The AFL Fans Association has thanked the AFL for keeping the Grand Final in its afternoon timeslot but expressed disappointment that the possibility of a twilight or night game continues to be raised.

AFLFA president Gerry Eeman says most fans prefer a 2.30pm start, so it should not even be up for debate.

“Despite the fans’ clear preference for a day Grand Final, every year this issue seems to be brought up at AFL House,” Gerry says. “We are told it is inevitable that the start time must change. Our question is: Why is it inevitable when the vast majority of fans say they want to retain the 2.30pm start?

“The polls on this have been consistent for several years, with around two in three supporters preferring an afternoon start. Fans are the game’s biggest stakeholder, so unless there is a clear shift in what most fans want, the AFL should leave the game time alone.”

The AFL’s own 2018 fan poll found most wanted the Grand Final played during the day, with noting that, “Fans are unwavering in wanting the Grand Final to remain in the traditional daytime timeslot. The 67 per cent preferring the status quo is identical to last year's result, as is the 24 per cent in favour of a twilight start time."

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Source: AFL Fan Survey.

Herald Sun polling over the past five years has also indicated similar results, with support for a day Grand Final consistently in the low 70s. For details, see:

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