Sally Bennett

Sally Bennett

Sally Bennett had had the Red and Blue of the Melbourne Football Club coursing through her veins since she was a toddler (over 60 years ago), encouraged by her father to see that even when the Dees lost, there was always next week. She had attended several grand finals throughout the years and was always jealous that the Dees were not there until, of course, 2021, when they won the penultimate prize; not being able to attend has only fed her ongoing enthusiasm to see greater success for her club.

Her adult children, Alice and James, are as passionate, but it took her husband many years to see the light about the MFC until the threat of divorce made him see the error of his ways!

Attending home games at the ā€˜Gā€™ is a family affair together with like-minded MFC or AFL friends. Great fun has been had attending games interstate, even when the Dees have lost. Going to the snow is never on her agenda!

Sally sees the AFL as a truly unique game to Australia and wants to see it continue to grow and thrive to the benefit of clubs, especially the fans, as they underpin everything. During the pandemic, it was obvious how much the fans were missed simply because there was no atmosphere; comments from players backed this up. She wants all fans to be able to continue to enjoy the game with passion, fun and respect for others.

Professionally, Sally has worked in various careers as a chef, small business operator, food buyer, trainer, compliance auditor and manager. Currently, Sally works in administration for a large university and assesses health care professionals for competency in literacy.