Racism has no place in football


Racism has no place in football at any level and we can all play a part in stamping it out, the AFL Fans Association says.

AFL Fans Association president Cheryl Critchley says while the community is better educated and less tolerant of racism than in the past, it is clearly still a problem in society and in football.

Cheryl says Eddie McGuire’s resignation as Collingwood president should be an opportunity for everyone involved in football, including fans, to listen, reflect, and learn.

“We support recent efforts by the AFL and its clubs to stamp out racism in all its forms, and we acknowledge the decision by the Collingwood board to seek an independent review,” Cheryl says.

“The Do Better report showed that we still have a way to go. Most fans respect Eddie McGuire’s decision to stand down given the circumstances, while acknowledging his contribution to the game over many years. Most agree, however, that it was time for change.

“Hopefully, everyone involved in football will continue to work hard to ensure that all clubs are inclusive and respectful of players, staff and supporters regardless of their background.

“The situation has improved in recent years as education and awareness continue to evolve. But we can always do better.”

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