AFL Fans Association moves to cover all states and territories

The AFL Fans Association is working to appoint an AFLFA representative in every state and territory. Formed in Melbourne in 2013, the AFLFA aims to represent the interests of supporters nationally.

As a voluntary organisation, the AFLFA hopes to have a co-ordinator on the ground in each state and territory to raise local issues and represent fans at a local level.

“We have had a very successful 2014, but want to do more in 2015,” says AFLFA president Gerry Eeman. “We are looking for dedicated and motivated fans to become state and territory representatives and work closely with the committee.”

“We want to know the issues which affect fans in each the different areas of Australia. Having a representative situated each state and territory is a vital part of this process.”

“For example, the cost and ticketing arrangements vary state to state and we want to ensure all fans are getting a fair deal. If needed, we will work to improve the situation.”

Anyone interested in becoming a voluntary state or territory representative should contact the AFLFA by emailing by 12 April 2015. Your email should contain a brief description of your background and why you want to be your state or territory’s volunteer representative.

Representatives will need to represent the whole state/territory, so they will need to develop a good understanding of the issues that affect all AFL clubs based in their state/territory. Duties will include listening and investigating concerns of fans in your state or territory, helping with press releases which relate to your state or territory, liaising with the AFLFA committee, investigating food prices and seating costs in your state or territory.