Poll: Is there too much tackling?

Some footy administrators and some fans think there is too much tackling in the game. Some fans prefer fast, free flowing footy and some prefer high pressure contests where players can barely take a few steps before being tackled. In general, every game exists on a spectrum of both high pressure tackling and moments when players break free. Such was the pleasure of watching Chris Judd burst from a pack, or, that unforgettable run from Michael Long in the 1993 Grand Final when no Carlton player could get near him. 'Finals like pressure' is one of footy's enduring cliches and teams are encouraged to bring it every week.

Steve Hocking, recently stated that he thought there was too much tackling in the game. So, we put up a poll on the AFLFA's Facebook page. Despite the contrarian nature of almost all footy fans, and our willingness to argue over the smallest detail, us fans did seem to reach just-about-unanimous agreement on this matter.

4% agreed that the AFL should reduce tackling in the game.

96% were of the view that the AFL doesn't need to reduce tackling in games.