AFL recognises fan loyalty with a day Grand Final

The AFL has rewarded loyal fans by returning the Grand Final to their preferred afternoon timeslot.

Polls consistently show that most fans want a day game. The latest AFLFA Twitter poll drew 1054 responses with 79.9 per cent preferring afternoon, 17.3 per cent twilight and 2.8 per cent night.

AFL Fans Association president Cheryl Critchley thanked the AFL for recognising the amazing loyalty fans have shown for more than two seasons during the pandemic.

“Polls have long shown that most supporters prefer a day game, and this sentiment has strengthened since we had a night Grand Final in 2020,” Cheryl says.

“We’re grateful that the AFL has respected the preference of most fans and returned the Grand Final to its popular afternoon time slot.

“Most fans have made sacrifices throughout the pandemic, including paying good money for memberships they could not use for extended periods. It’s great to see that loyalty rewarded.”

Speculation about a time slot change was rife last week after Channel 7’s Tom Browne reported that the AFL Commission was likely to rubber stamp a move to twilight this week.

Cheryl says the day Grand Final is a unique Australian tradition and experience. “The build-up and atmosphere at the ground and in private parties is highly anticipated each year,” she says.

“The day is divided up evenly between pre-game festivities and entertainment, the match itself and plenty of time to celebrate with friends and family afterwards.

“Let’s hope this tradition continues.”

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