Around the grounds - AFL news of the week
AFL News for week ending Feb 26, 2023: Cats name new captain, Tiger Tim sends a warning and 'the Angry Ant' is back Dangerfield the new Cats captain With the departure of Joel Selwood at the end of 2022, the Geelong Cats faced a dilemma - select a new captain […]

Around the Grounds: Paddy to lead the Cats

Hot AFL reading picks from across the week by PAUL BUGEJA Guardian Australia: Nino Bucci on grassroots football Like most AFL fans, AFLFA staff read anything they can get their eyes on when it comes to our magnificent game. On Sunday, January 8, a piece that caught our eye is […]

Grassroots AFL footy: An interesting insight

There has been much of a brouhaha regarding fan behaviour lately. The unfortunate role of "behaviour awareness officer" has come and gone. For many fans, being in the outer is a welcomed opportunity to jump and shout and barrack for your team like there is no time. Us fans play the […]

Barracking at the Footy