Contribute to the AFLFA

The AFLFA welcomes articles and reflective pieces from fans regarding their experiences of going to the footy. We want to know what your thoughts are about the state of the game. Are fans' interests and voices being heard? We particularly welcome articles from fans outside of Victoria. Possible themes for articles could include:

  • womens footy: is enough being done to support its development?
  • gambling advertising: is there too much? what place does gambling have in footy/sport?
  • ticketing: should fans have a better idea about how much tickets costs across stadiums and throughout the league?
  • how has being a fan changed over time? do you still enjoy it like you used to?
  • what are your favourite aspects of going to the footy?
  • is expansion working?
Articles of between 500-1,000 words are welcome and will be edited for style and content.
Please send us a message via our Facebook page for further information and submissions.