McLachlan’s Acknowledgement

Press Release


The AFL Fans Association has welcomed AFL CEO Gillon McLachlan’s acknowledgement that some fans are feeling intimidated by security at AFL games.

Mr McLachlan acknowledged that what has been described as a security ‘over-correction’ followingseveral violent incidents had upset some fans, who felt they could not be themselves at games.

AFLFA president Gerry Eeman says he appreciates the acknowledgement and hopes ground security will find a better balance from now on.

Controversy has arisen over recent security tactics at the MCG and Marvel Stadium, with some fans saying that they have been spoken to by security or police for being too loud or passionate.

Things came to a head at Marvel Stadium on Saturday night when some security guards wore vestsemblazoned with ‘Behavioural Awareness Officer’ and others patrolled aisles in a way that intimidated some patrons.

Gerry says fans do not condone violence or abuse at the football, and perpetrators should be harshly dealt with. But well-behaved fans should be able to show their passion without fear.

“Everyone should feel safe at the football,” Gerry says. “No-one condones violence or personal abuse, particularly if it is racist or homophobic.

“But footy is a passionate game and fans should be able to express themselves within reason, withouthaving to worry about someone watching over their shoulder.

“We appreciate Gill’s acknowledgement that some fans have felt uncomfortable and hope to see more balance at games on the weekend.”

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