Winter of Discontent

The CEO of theΒ stadium in Docklands has said he will be reviewing security practices at said-stadium. There was indeed quite a reaction on twitter to the sight of 'behavioural awareness officers'. Fans were thrilled at being eyeballed and intimidated by security staff as they strode up and down the isles of the Disney-themed AFL-owned Stadium.

Michael Gleeson in The Age writes, "Football is the game of the people. [...] Football fans have lost the sense that the game is theirs. They feel that by stealth, the game has been taken away from them."

Joffa, a supporter of the AFLFA, is unhappy and is calling for a boycott. He regrets that the fans are taken for granted. He regards the terraces as a place for exuberant expression, where fans of different types come together and are accepting of each other. Footy is something which unites. He writes: "The terraces bring us together in victory and in defeat. We embrace football as we embrace life, with vigour and passion. Some are loud and some are quiet, some terrorise the terraces wearing a sequined jacket. Many stand to deliver a spine-tingling chant in the last quarter to acknowledge victory. That's what we do. That's who we are."

Richard Hinds, of the ABC, writes of the over-reaction of the AFL in response to some occasional trouble in the stands. He concludes byΒ stating that: "The congestion remains, the scoring is even lower and there are even more reasons for fans to become frustrated with the umpires who have had a target painted on their backs by the officials very well paid to protect them."